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This message is from Rosamond <Rozamunde at aol.com>, a photographer and gardener/naturalist from Atlanta, Georgia  U.S.A..

The most beautiful catipillar...discovered in my garden eating my miniature rose bush ( I don't mind).  It is aprox. 2" long, light green body, 5 prs. of "legs", orange eyes/head, 4 white, short, "plumes" on it's back, two long, black feather-like atenna and a similar "tail".  It's slightly "furry"  with longer "hairs" peppered from head to tail.  Also black stripe running down back and two orange bumps/dots on back, running from tail on back.  It's such an elegant looking creature and what can you tell me about it?  Is is poisionous, how long does it live? Will it change into anything? I've brought it indoors ( on the rose bush) and it's eating well.  Could that endanger it in any way?  Thank you so much for any help that you can give me!  I've never seen anything like it, it's wonderful!
THANKS so much...Rosamond Baldwin  May 14, 1998

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