Common Checkered Skipper in CT

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Wed May 27 16:16:26 EDT 1998

Hello Lep-listers - 

I played hookey from work this morning to do a little butterfly atlasing in my 
area.  Did I pick the right day!  

At one of my favorite spots, at the Madison Water Company property off N. 
Chestnut Hill Road(permit needed), I came across Pyrgus communis (Common 
Checkered Skipper)!  In CT, this is a rare vagrant.  I watched it nectar on 
Multifora rose for a minute or so, before taking a swipe at it with a net.  
Missed it by quarter of an inch!  It darted through the brush and disappeared.  
I should have photographed it first, but I was too taken with this find, and I 
enjoyed observing it for a while, since it didn't seem to be going anywhere.  An 
hour search in the area turned up empty.  Too bad - this would have been a nice 
addition to the CT But. Atlas project. 

Also throughout that area was a strong population of Atrytonopsis hianna(Dusted 
Skippers) - probably came across about 15 different individuals.  Haven't seen 
them there since '95! 

A Limenitis arthemis astyanax (Red-spotted Purple) stuck around for a while, a 
very good number of Erynnis icelus (Dreamy Duskywings) and E. Baptisiae (Wild 
Indigo Duskywings)were throughout, and later went on to find a field filled with 
 Common Ringlets.

I may just play a little hookey again tommorrow.

Best -

John Himmelman 
John Himmelman
Killingworth, CT USA
jhimmel at

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