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Thu May 28 01:06:40 EDT 1998

Barrie Harwood wrote:
> Ignore them Gene
> It's a pleasure to see your EMails and to read about your obvious
> enthusiasm - as far as I am concerned - keep it up !
> Barrie
> GENE moore wrote in message <6k87gn$glq$1 at>...
> In the past i have ask for and have recieved butterfly pictures .but
> have been told this site is to be used for professional  answers and
> questions so i would like to apoligize fo all for my useing it  in the
> matter i have .i just a 75+ senor  computer illiterate that has been at
> this with my webtv and printer for only 5 months. SORRY

Says who, Gene??  I may not be a "rank amateur", but I am certainly not
a professional, and I have been made to feel quite welcome by the great
majority of participants in this newsgroup.  If there is someone who is
so crass as to not welcome your posts, however "beginnerish" they may
seem, that is their problem, not yours.  Face it, septuagenarians (and
other seniors) have their place in the world, and noone should deny you
the privilege.  You have nothing that I can see to be sorry about.
Unfortunately, I can't say the same for whoever made you think you

Pierre A Plauzoles
ae779 at
(using my wife's account due to technical problems with my own)

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