Undet. Papilionid from Rio Grande Valley, TX

by way of Mike Quinn TNMF at aol.com
Sun Nov 1 22:23:05 EST 1998

The attachment is a drawing of a undetermined Swallowtail found today
(11-01-98) near San Benito in Cameron Co., Texas.

The wings green areas are not greenish white but are irridescent green on the
top (hummingbird green) and bluish green on the bottom.
The underside is laced with a complex pattern of bluish green lines.
The butterfly is 9cm from wing tip to wing tip.  The tails are about 10mm long
all black except for a hint of white on the inside margin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Couldn't find the likes of it in
"Mariposas Mexicanas" Mike
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