Paul Cherubini paulcher at
Sun Nov 1 19:11:54 EST 1998

Liz Day wrote:
> Well, since one of the alternatives is napthalene, what do the data say
> about levels of napthalene?  Does anyone know?

Don't know offhand, but do know napthalene doesn't have registered uses
in sensitive places like Vapona does; e.g.for fogging most types of food
processing plants and dairies, in pet flea collars, on dairy animals for
fly control, etc.

I prefer Vapona resin strips because they are almost odorless.  A friend
sent me a pound of milkweed seeds last year, but didn't tell me he added
napthalene to protect them from bugs. When I opened the bag, the odor
level was so high it practically knocked me off my feet !
I had to air the bag outdoors for days to get the odor down to a
tolerable level.

Paul Cherubini, El Dorado, California

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