Paul Cherubini paulcher at
Sun Nov 1 19:24:19 EST 1998

Miguel de Salas wrote:

> Aren't we also missing the point that we would be exposed to this
> concentration only if we were using the strips as indicated, ie. hanging
> around the room, when in fact we have them inside relatively airtight,
> closed boxes?
> The amount of exposure would be many times smaller than the concentration
> these strips are designed to be used at, and thus even less dangerous, if
> they're dangerous at all.
> I myself believe it's far more dangerous to sit in front of the computer
> and write this message down.

Amen to that. I also believe there are many legalized everyday chemical
hazards we take for the artery clogging hydrogenated
vegetable oils found in practically all baked flour products, margerine
and more....that are far more serious and virtually unavoidable threats
to our long term health, than are brief exposures to minute amounts of
industrial chemicals and pesticides.

Paul Cherubini, El Dorado, California

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