Undet. Papilionid from Rio Grande Valley, TX

Alexei G. Belik belik at fannet.ru
Mon Nov 2 11:46:51 EST 1998

IMHO, such postings like these two of Mr. Quinn, are very
annoying for those of us who must pay for the amount of the
traffic to their ISP!
(I would not say "for those of us" if  I would not noticed on
this List, from time to time, remarks from the people who
have to pay for their ISPs for the volume of the downloaded

I offer for all interested persons to ask Dr. Gall, The Listowner,
to include the necessary amendments into the "Information about
LEPS-L/SBEL" letter, which should receive each new subscriber.
There should be clearly stated that this  is prohibited here to post
messages with the long attachments (such as graphic files), or to
include graphics into the body of the message. All such things
must be sent via the private emails between the interested parties.
(Dr. Gall, please excuse me for this additional trouble!)

Why some people are so lazy that they cannot search the Web
a little (if this cost them near nothing) or just to read *previous*
postings in a newsgroup before to ask their questions?
Just a few days ago here was a discussion about the
**Papilionid-looking** day-flying moths of the genus Urania,
with the URLs to the pictures! If even I here, *in Russia* know
that Mr. Quinn's bug is Urania fulgens, that should be a shame
to him not to know the same.

Sincerely yours,

Alexei Belik

Alexei G. Belik
Saratov city,
e-mail: belik at fannet.ru

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