Undet. "Papilionid" from South TX

Mike Quinn mqnature at hiline.net
Mon Nov 2 15:07:41 EST 1998

I apologize to all for my obviously amateurish mistake. The filiform
antennae didn't register with me until the next morning. The specimen was a
road kill and the person who collected it (one county to the east) sent me
the photo. I thought I did a reasonably thorough search before posting the
attachment to the list. I'm not sure how I could have searched the net and
found the moth when I was looking for a butterfly. I looked through my
copies of DeVries, Scott and "Mariposas Mexicanas." I even sent private
email to a number of people who would know but it was late on Sunday and
they weren't checking their email... Again, I apologize. I've only been
down here on the border for a couple of seasons. Mexico is a mega-diverse
country and we are currently in the peak season of insect diversity. I got
a little excited. Sorry, Mike

>IMHO, such postings like these two of Mr. Quinn, are very
>annoying for those of us who must pay for the amount of the
>traffic to their ISP!

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