Undet. Papilionid from Rio Grande Valley, TX

David Albaugh bugguy at webtv.net
Mon Nov 2 23:21:25 EST 1998

I must say with all honesty that this list is getting kinda ridiculous.
Let's see...what's it called? Oh yeah, The Lepidoptera-L List. So why is
it that so many people on this list get criticized for talking
about...um...lepidoptera?!? Give me a break. Just because some people's
systems can't handle pictures or it costs them money to receive images
the whole list has to suffer? Maybe these people shouldn't be on these
lists in the first place. God forbid someone should just try to identify
a species unknown to him or her. It only makes sense to send as much
info as possible and a picture is always a plus. I think the only thing
that hasn't been criticized on this list is when people post what they
have seen in their yards or on collecting trips. If I thought this list
was gonna be about just that I would have never subscribed. Remember
people, this list is about LEPIDOPTERA - ALL LEPIDOPTERA! Not just what
a select few feel is right to talk about. This list is supposed to be
for everyone yet it doesn't seem as though everyone is allowed to enjoy
it. I want to learn things, not listen to people bicker....

David Albaugh

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