Undet. Papilionid from Rio Grande Valley, TX

Pierre A Plauzoles ae779 at lafn.org
Tue Nov 3 20:35:17 EST 1998

In a previous article, MWalker at gensym.com (Mark Walker) says (regarding a 
certain post with an image file attached):

>Well, while I feel for those whose setup is such that this sort of email
>causes hiccups or costs them money, I don't agree with Anne or Alex on this
>issue.  First of all, with exception of the inserted images, Mike's post to
>the list is precisely the type of request that such a list-service is
>designed to serve.  I don't think we should be flaming this type of inquiry,
>or we're likely to turn into a lonely, stuffy bunch of eccentrics ....

... or worse.  We should not be flaming him either.

Like I said in a reply to an earlier post, he most proibably did not know 
about the anti-image posting policy (has any of you ever seen his byline on 
this newsgroup before?), so we should be a little more tolerant than 
average toward him, at least this time.

Pierre Plauzoles   ae779 at lafn.org
Canoga Park, California

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