Undet. Papilionid from Rio Grande Valley, TX

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Mon Nov 2 18:36:56 EST 1998

Well, while I feel for those whose setup is such that this sort of email
causes hiccups or costs them money, I don't agree with Anne or Alex on this
issue.  First of all, with exception of the inserted images, Mike's post to
the list is precisely the type of request that such a list-service is
designed to serve.  I don't think we should be flaming this type of inquiry,
or we're likely to turn into a lonely, stuffy bunch of eccentrics.

The typical kind of drivel that I and so many others are guilty of of
perpetuating here is a better candidate for such corporal punishment.

With regard to laziness or ignorance, I would say that we're all guilty of
this behavior, and I'm not quite sure whether it's reasonable to assume that
every contributor to this list is going to be equally internet-active or
even computer-literate.

As far as Mr. Quinn's decision to _kill_ the moth (which I'm not sure has
actually been established), I personally wouldn't find much fault in this -
especially in view of the fact that he was quick to bring it to public
attention.  What if this WERE an endangered species, endemic only to some
small region of southeast Texas?  His requesting info would probably help
establish this fact (if it were so), and would furthermore help initiate any
corrective/preventative actions necessary to help preserve the species.  The
exact location could be recorded and habitat preservation considered.

No, instead I think that someone should simply inform Mr. Quinn that
including image files is not acceptable, and then get excited that one of
these migrating moths did infact cross into the U.S.

Not that getting annoyed is a crime, either.

Mark Walker. 

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> Alexei G. Belik wrote:
> > 
> > IMHO, such postings like these two of Mr. Quinn, are very
> > annoying for those of us who must pay for the amount of the
> > traffic to their ISP!
> I heartily concur. They gave my computer the hiccups and it made 12
> copies of the thing. It then refused to delete them and I had to log off
> and begin again.
> Yet more distressing is the notion that, upon seeing a "butterfly" he
> could not identify, he killed it. Had it been truly a rarety, rather
> than a stray, assuming that he is not festooned with permits, this would
> have been a criminal act. 
> I am sure that the collectors on this list have already corrected Mr.
> Quinn in private ... 
> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

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