Hostplants database

Ian Thirlwell Ian at
Thu Nov 5 14:23:04 EST 1998

Doug Yanega wrote in message ...
>James wrote:
>>Niklas Wahlberg wrote:
>>> . . . I've submitted several records, but
>>> they never appear in the searches I've made.
>>I do a significant amount of rearing, and have tried sending records
>>in, but stopped doing so for the very reason Niklas mentions above.
>Me three. How frustrating to have such a wonderful resource that doesn't
>work the way it should.
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I looked at this database some time ago (last year) to check up on some
info, but found that there is a lot of published stuff on food plants that
wasn't there.

It would be useful if whoever owns the db got this basic known data in, then
new records of previously unknown food plants could be added from anybody's
field or captive breeding records. Perhaps this is the intent?

I can imagine that getting the known data in would take a large effort, &
maybe that's why it was incomplete. I haven't looked recently to see how
much it has changed, but 2500 records doesn't sound a lot.


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