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Sat Nov 7 00:07:16 EST 1998

HI Miguel and other fustrated Hostplant Database users,

When I submitted several batches of records (some 250 records in total) to Gaden
Robinson for the database, he asked me to send it in a database readable file
format (a paragraphed text format could be sufficient) directly to him If you
have a large number of submissions, this is the preferred method of submission
(read the details on data submission on the Hostplants page) and contact Gaden
Robinson directly for further details (using the appropriate contact given on the
Hostplants website). My records are now on the database, but do expect a
significant time lag between submission of new records and being able to access

Hope this helps,


Miguel de Salas wrote:

> I have been using for a while the Natural History Museum of London's
> Caterpillar Hostplants Database, which I have found extremely useful.
> The only fault I find in it is that it hasn't been used enough to have many
> records, and according to their page, they have only about 2500.
> So I'd like to encourage everybody that has records from captive breeding, or
> field records to add them to the database, however menial they are, and no
> matter where they come from in the world. It would be useful to check that
> there is not already a record for that caterpillar on that plant, to avoid
> duplication, but please make an effort to add your records.
> The more people that use it, the more useful the database becomes.
> Their address is:
> Thanks!

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