Forgotten pheromones

Kelly Richers kerichers at
Thu Nov 12 14:43:28 EST 1998

In the past but not this year, I have been able to buy pheromones from Great LakesIPM (517) 268-5693

>>> MKJ <jantsa at> 10/26 8:26 AM >>>
As we all know, some lep spieces use pheromones to get partners.
Some spieces are almost impossible to catch with out a pheromone trap.

My question is, can I buy pheromones. Is here any producers or synthetic
available. The pheromones are as I know nontoxic etc. So there cant be that
of limitations to buy them. Is here any specialist or people who knows
about biochemistry? Please give me some advice.


Ps: I have tease some chemistry people with my questions, but they have
lift their hands up in this case.

Matti :)

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