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In the 1912 version (my copy), A Mint Feeder is chapter XV and starts on
page 95.  It ends on page 101, and it appears to be identical to the
1942 version (my copy).  I did not compare word for word, but each page
begins and ends with the same word in the 1912 and 1942 versions.  The
illustrations are identical.  The only reference to change is a revised
nomenclature page in the 1942 version (page viii) which notes that the
corrected name is Sphinx eremitis.  There are no other comments about
updates. Even the table of contents of the 1942 edition appears to be
unchanged from the 1912 version.

Hope this helps.  If you'd like a photocopy of the 1912 version, let me



Tuttle wrote:
> Would someone with a first edition "Butterfly and Moth Book" by Ellen
> Robertson-Miller (1912) check their copy to see if the treatment of "The
> Mint Feeder (Hyloicus eremitus)" is included in that original edition. I
> have a later edition and am attempting to determine if that species
> treatment was in the original edition or added in the "revised and
> enlarged" later editions. Thanks.
> Jim Tuttle    jtuttle at

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