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Tue Nov 17 20:08:20 EST 1998

In a previous article, fnkwp at (Kenelm Philip) says:

>	Doug Yanega stated that you need the Customs form 3-177 to bring
>insect specimens into the U.S.. There is one other point to consider,
>however. Some countries require export permits--and your specimens will
>be contraband under the Lacey Act if they lack such an export permit when
>the country of origin requires it. Some countries also require collecting
>permits, and again you must then have that permit to be legal under the
>Lacey Act.
>	The F&WS cannot always tell you what the rules are for a given
>foreign country. It is thus _your_ responsibility to ascertain which
>permits are required, and to obtain them.

Actually, Ken, he did say that he had all the permits necessary according 
to U S law.  Personally, in order to cover my big fat YKW (meaning "You Know 
What" :-] ), I would be tempted to request that an agent of the originating 
country's wildlife agency write him a letter stating that all the species 
being exported ro the U S were covered by the necessary permits - in other 
words, that no permits were required for those species not covered by the 
permits presented.  Depending, of course, on the agent's willingness to 
do this, I might not get the letter, but then *not* trying never got anyone 
*anywhere* in life.
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