Vanessa atalanta in winter

Semjase semjase at
Fri Nov 20 10:14:47 EST 1998

>Hi LEPS-netters
>The last red admiral in Denmark was spotted on November 12th on a clear,
>sunny day. It was a very poor year for red admirals despite the huge
>immigration in June, probably due to the extremely cold summer weather.
>Now we can only wait for next year's immigration.
>But how is the situation elsewhere in Europe and the US? Are the
>butterflies still flying in winter time. Do they reproduce during winter
>or are they inactive? 
>kind regards
>Morten DD Hansen
>Aarhus, Denmark 

Hi there:

Orange County Cal. area: there are two red admirals and 3 painted ladies in my
backyard every nice day.


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