Revolution coming in Butterfly Identification!!!

Mike Quinn mqnature at
Fri Nov 20 20:05:26 EST 1998

I have just seen the future of "Butterflying" and it is identifiable!!!

Jeffery Glassberg is coming out with a _totally new_ Field Guide to the
Butterflies of Eastern North America. No more "field guides" to pinned
specimens. He shows crisp, clear photographic views of upper and lower
surfaces of males and females side-by-side with the same views of similar
species. Diagnostic characters are clearly marked. Text and range maps are
opposite the color plates. He even includes graphs of species' abundance
through time!!!

This field guide is going to totally blow everyone away!!! It will
immediately ascend to the top of everyone's field guide want list. It is
going to do _far more_ for butterflying than the National Geographic's
Field Guide to the Birds of North America did for birding.

Butterflying will step out of the shadows and into the full sunshine with
this guide!

Coming to a store near you in January or February of 1999.

Mike Quinn <MQnature at>
Vice President of South Texas Chapter
North American Butterfly Association
1708 Hunt Ave. Donna, TX 78537-2924

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