Revolution coming in Butterfly Identification!!!

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Fri Nov 20 22:33:58 EST 1998

We in the Northeast have already benefitted from a Glassberg volume on 
the butterflies of the northeast, that has been with us for nearly a 
decade.  It really made field identification possible for most species, 
although there are still some identification challenges that photographs 
can't completely resolve.  Although there will inevitably be 
misidentifications (just as there are with birds), the superior 
illustrations in that book really made a big difference for us.  Of 
course the Pyle and new Opler books are valuable, but what I found most 
useful about the Northeast book was its rather tight regional approach. 
 No reason for me to fret about prairie species or Florida specialties, 
when I'm in New Jersey.  I'm afraid that the publisher has lost one of 
the greatest advantages of the Glassberg regional approach by insisting 
on broader coverage, hence broader market.  

M Gochfeld

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