Creation of newsgroup uk.rec.lepidoptera

Richard Herring rnh at
Mon Nov 23 05:23:06 EST 1998

In article <911780465snz at>, Neil Jones (Neil at wrote:

> I agree with you but it doesn't alter the fact that most people on leps-l
> do not use usenet. The reason is is that it is probably only entomology
> that they use the net for. I know because I check author profiles.

> There is a general rule on usenet that you lurk for a while before posting.
> I do feel that the spirit of this should also apply to those setting up groups
> particularly if their actions would disrupt a group in which they do not
> participate. 

You seem to be suggesting that the creation of a uk.*.lepidoptera group
will cause crossposts to the sci.* one and therefore to the gated list.
But how likely is that? Surely one of the reasons a uk. group is 
being proposed is because people want to get away from the international
group to a uk-focused one? If so, they won't be crossposting back to
the sci. group.

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