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> >I am agaist the creation of the new group
> >and I am cross posting this to
> >1. There are not sufficient people to keep a uk only group
> >going.
> >

> I think there are. It can't do any worse than

> >2. The group should not be in the the uk.rec hierarchy but I believe
> >in a sci one
> >
> That is currently being discussed.
> >3. Just to point out to those that don't know there is already a group
> >
> >
> That has also been pointed out.
> >4. It will cause problems should people try to cross post.
> >S.b.e.l. is gated with leps-l a list server this will cause
> >problems when people reply to cross posted messages.
> >
> I'm not that technical I'll take your word for that, but what problems
> will occur?.

To explain it simply Leps-l postings only go to s.b.e.l.,  so if you are on
a crossposted thread it will split in two when someone from Leps-l
Also if someone on leps-l starts a new sub-thread it will not propagate
both ways. They probably won't even notice it is happening. 

Many users do not even understand the gating system. I have had to explain
it in the past.

> >5. s.b.e.l. does not have a massive volume but the reason that it works
> >is because of the gating with leps-L many keen people like myself
> >are actually on leps-l not s.b.e.l . 
> I'm on both, as sometimes messages appear on one but not the other.
This is extremely rare. I am on both too and I am one of the most regular
posters. I don't find that my postings don't work and I post through both.

> >I regularly talk with many lepidopterists
> >and many of them can cope with email but do not use usenet.
> >
> I feel they are missing out. I can subscribe to over 30,000 newsgroups
> and its not difficult to figure out how the system works.
> -- 
> ian john waller

I agree with you but it doesn't alter the fact that most people on leps-l
do not use usenet. The reason is is that it is probably only entomology
that they use the net for. I know because I check author profiles.

There is a general rule on usenet that you lurk for a while before posting.
I do feel that the spirit of this should also apply to those setting up groups
particularly if their actions would disrupt a group in which they do not

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