supply T.imperator ( for Insects dealer )

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Mon Nov 23 16:52:02 EST 1998

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> Hi ,
> I am a small Collector of butterflies , I lived in China . 
> I can supply you most species of Chinese Insects , include Lepidoptera and
>  Coleoptera , e.g. 
> "T.imperator" "Papilio xuthus Linnaeus" "Papilio Bianor Cramer" "Papilio
>  Arcturus Westwood" 
> "Cicindela chinensis De Geer" ...... 
> If you are a dealer and interested in Chinese Insects , E-Mail me at :
>  "star_libra at"
> ( Sorry for my bad English )
> Sincerely ,
> Dao Lu
>   I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this E-Mail . 

A warning to new people. People, including myself have questioned the
probity of this poster since he is advertising via an anonymous remailer
Don't be fooled by the bigfoot address. It is not where the message originates.
It originates from another source. 


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