supply T.imperator ( for Insects dealer )

XILO21 xilo21 at
Mon Nov 23 15:56:20 EST 1998

Dear Mr. Dao Lu

I am searching following specimens:

Teinopalpus imperialis from different places male and female,

Teinopalpus aureus from different places males and females

Bhutanitis thaidina from different places males and females,

Bhutanutis lidderdali male and females

Bhutanitis mansfieldii males and females

Troides aeacus males and females

Troides helena males and females from different places

Papilio arcturus male and female

Papilio krishna males and females

Papilio dialis male and female

Papilio syfanius from different places males and females

Papilio maackii males and females

Papilio bianor males and females

Papilio polyctor males and females

When you have this specimens, please send me a E-Mail with the prices

Oliver Schäffler
(XILO21 at

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