supply T.imperator ( for Insects dealer )

Dao Lu Use-Author-Address-Header at [127.1]
Mon Nov 23 03:35:44 EST 1998

Hi ,
I am a small Collector of butterflies , I lived in China . 
I can supply you most species of Chinese Insects , include Lepidoptera and Coleoptera , e.g. 
"T.imperator" "Papilio xuthus Linnaeus" "Papilio Bianor Cramer" "Papilio Arcturus Westwood" 
"Cicindela chinensis De Geer" ...... 

If you are a dealer and interested in Chinese Insects , E-Mail me at : "star_libra at"

( Sorry for my bad English )

Sincerely ,
Dao Lu
  I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this E-Mail . 

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