RFD for uk.rec.lepidoptera

Semjase semjase at aol.com
Sun Nov 22 20:52:33 EST 1998

>> RFD for unmoderated group:  uk.rec.lepidoptera
>> Summary:
>> uk.rec.lepidoptera      butterfly and moth related topics and events
>> Rationale:
>>     There is, at present, no appropriate newsgroup to report to, and 
>>     discuss matters with, those butterfly and moth enthusiasts who are
>>     interested mainly in what is happening on the UK scene.
>>     The existing newsgroup "sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera" is generally
>>     felt by UK enthusiasts to be unsatisfactory for this purpose, covering 
>>     as it does the entire worldwide scene (but with a particular bias 
>>     towards US matters).
>>     The group is unmoderated
>> Proponent:
>>     Graham Durbin    g at durb.freeserve.co.uk
>> Further Information:
>>     It is intended that the newsgroup will perform a function similar to
>>     the existing newsgroup "uk.rec.birdwatching" (except, of course,
>>     that it will deal with butterfly and moth-related matters)  
>>      This RFD will be discussed in uk.net.news.config for a minimum
>>      of 10 days (until 29 November 1998.) This RFD is valid until 29
>>      December 1998.  If there is a large degree of support for the group
>>      It will be fast-tracked otherwise a vote will be asked for.
>I have already made one posting on this subject tonight but after
>I feel obliged to make another as I feel that this proposal will _wreck_
>a forum that I find extremely useful.
>I also feel that the proponent appears an inexperienced neophyte.
>I most emphatically do not wish to personalise this debate but the proposer
>appears according to the archive to have only made around 6 or so postings to
>usenet all of which are to do with setting up this proposed newsgroup.
>Mainly asking people how to do it.  
>He has _never_ once that I can find ever made a posting to the established
>I do not believe that UK users believe that the worldwide newsgroup is 
>unsatisfactory because of a US bias. I am involved at a high level in both
>Butterfly Conservation and The Amateur Entomologists' Society and being an
>internet enthusiast am constantly talking about what is happening on-line.
>I have _NEVER_ heard this complaint being made by anyone.
>( I am also Butterfly Conservation's Webmaster)
>This is not a subject that divides neatly into uk and non-uk.
>With the number of participants in order to get a decent spread people one
>would need to cross post. This would get in a real mess because
>a lot of the participants on sci.b.e.l are on the end of an email
>gateway. Any crossposted debates on species found not only in the UK
>would get really muddled and difficult to follow.
>This has already happened with this debate. I have had to copy a thread
>into the UK.net. newsgroup in order bring it back in step.
>I am perturbed by this proposal because it will disrupt an on-line community
>which has developed over the years. 
>Neil Jones- Neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk http://www.nwjones.demon.co.uk/

Personally I would see no problem with the new group as it would pertain to
hobbyists and not the professionals in the present newsgroups who make postings
by such hobbyists difficult at best.


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