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> >There is a general rule on usenet that you lurk for a while before posting.
> >I do feel that the spirit of this should also apply to those setting up groups
> >particularly if their actions would disrupt a group in which they do not
> >participate. 
> We have no way of determining for how long (if at all) the proponent
> has been lurking in any group.  Posting to a group has never been a
> pre-requisite for anything.
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There are a number of points here.

Firstly I did not explain myself fully. In my haste, and slight fatigue,
rather late at night I did not give the best explaination of my thoughts.
The purpose of lurking is to gain experience, to understand the community
which one is joining before one starts posting. It is the experience that
is importand the principle which i was aiming to express was that of not
meddling with things that you do not understand.

Secondly a point different from this. There is a psycological difference
between being a lurker and a poster. When you post you often get to know
the people with whom you interact. In my case I know quite a few of the
posters on _both_ sides of the Atlantic in person.

What ever is regarded as a prerequisite for acting in this manner is not
particularly relevant to me. I enjoy participating in an _EMAIL_ newsgroup
which is likely to be spoiled because someone who does not ACTIVELY
participate and is inexperienced thinks they can do it better.

I belong to an on-line community called Leps-L. I think it is understandable
that I am perturbed a little when a "foreigner" effectively says I don't think
you should build your houses the way you do.

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