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Tue Nov 24 10:53:52 EST 1998

In article <365ccec6.21896303 at wingate>, Chris Raper
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>Personally, I would love to see loads of active UK lep enthusiasts out
>there posting observations and UK related info - but, until I am
>convinced that there are enough to warrant a seperate group (like
>uk.rec.birdwatching) I will oppose the creation of the new group.
I think I am active in the lepidoptera scene in the northeast, but I
have only been a sparodic poster to the leps-list because I have felt
slightly uneasy about posting some news items (As the leps-list is
global I am not to keen on *wasting* bandwidth) and have withheld from
posting. These could be classed as

extremley relevant to the northeast
relevent to the u.k. scene 
totally irrelevant worldwide.

Examples would be the return to the northeast of the holly blue
(Celastrina argiolus). First time for six years, at several different
tetrads. Just in time for the Millennium Atlas.

or, someone who rang E.N. saying they had a dead speckled wood (Pararge
aegeria) in their house in Durham City. They didn't take his number. Now
he must have realised how important that finding was but he can not be
traced. Although unconfirmed, if it was, it would only be the 4th
speckled wood record for the northeast in 80+years.

or, the finding of cinnabar (Tyria jacobaeae) larvae in Hamsterley
Forest, the first for Co. Durham since 1956.

If the general consensus is that news such is this is relevant to a
global audience, then I am happy to accept this.

But, at the minute I feel these items are extremley small fish in a big

ian john waller

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