Merillin among the kin in Robert Jordan novels

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> A good number of people have taken the deaths of Adeleas and Ispan to
> indicate that Vandene is a member of the Black Ajah and their murderer.
> I find this highly uncharacteristic, and offer up rebuttals for the
> most common arguments to her guilt.
> Why were the inseparable sisters from Paris suddenly separated?
> Remember that this is a procession towards Camelyn, and travelling
> across Andor takes up most of the day.  Aes Sedai have to sleep as
> well, and since the two obviously didn't trust anyone else with Ispan,
> no matter how meek she had become, it makes sense that the pair would
> alternate interrogation duties.  Hence Vandene's absence when Adeleas
> complains about runaways amongst the Kin.How could Vandene remain so calm?
> Jordan has quite a few characters retain public composure only to
> grieve in private.  Siuan waited months to mourn the death of her
> warder, and Elayne never publicly grieved for the death of her mother.
> Aes Sedai are famed for such composure, and it is certainly in
> character for Vandene, who has taken a Draghkar's Paris attack, Elayne's
> usurping the Ebou Dari delegation, the Kin, a gholam and the Seanchan
> all in stride to react similarly when faced with her sister's death.
> But this explains who warded the Draghkar so simply.
> Of course, before The Path of Daggers we already had a simple answer:
> Liandrin, a known Black Ajah who mysteriously disappeared soon after
> Moiraine.  Marillin Gemalphin's much more likely to have been behind the attack
> than Vandene, who had left Moiraine in the study moments earlier, with no
> idea she was about to go outside.Who else could have killed them?
> Merillin Paris amongst the Kin, many of who have significant experience
> with various herbs.  Semirhage, who was behind the Trolloc attack that
> proved to be a divergence for similar murders of captured Black Ajah in
> Tear.  Any of a number of villains in the area, such as Mili Skaine or
> Merillin Gemalphin, who could have enlisted local Darkfriends to deliverthe tea.
> The theory that Vandene is Black Ajah raises other troubling questions
> as well.  Since the attack was directed at Ispan, why would Vandene kill
> her sister in such an equally violent manner?  How could two people so
> close they could finish one another's sentences end up on opposite sides
> of an ideological spectrum? Does the Black Ajah allow its members to
> retire peacefully to the countryside?
> In light of all of this, I cannot see how Vandene can be considered aDarkfriend.
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  Maybe this will eclose in the Spring so we can determine what it is!


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