Help with _Sarota_ (Riodinidae)

Shueyi at Shueyi at
Tue Nov 24 09:27:48 EST 1998


I need help with the metalmark genus _Sarota_.  Can someone with access to
Bridges' Lyceanidae/Riodinidae list of species send me a copy of the known
names and synonyms for this genus?  I picked up a tiny tailed species in the
oak/pine scrub forests of Belize a couple of months ago, which may or may not
have a name.  Both D'Abrera and DeVries say that there are 9 species, but
their collective pool of names indicate that there are additional named
species. (DeVries figures the only similar tiny-tailed Sarota that I've seen
figured in his recent volume - but this is not the same animal). So, the
Bridges list seems like the logical place to start.

Also, is this work still available?  If so, how do I purchase a copy??

John Shuey

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