Disintegrating Leps-L

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Tue Nov 24 18:36:48 EST 1998

Doug Dawn wrote:

> Roger's point is well made - IMHO, why should the UK be a special case,
> because it
> is an island(s)?  Or how about European group?  When Scotland and Wales
> become more
> independent next year, should new lists be created? Wouldn't the same
> logic will
> argue for a disintegration of Leps-L into regional groups around the
> world?  Well
> it's basically a free world...we all do what we want...but here is an
> opportunity
> to strengthen international unity.  Specifically, we are all shareholders
> in Leps-L
> and have every right to be concerned about the loss of quality
> contributions - and
> no matter how small - all constructive contributions are quality.
	I got an even better idea.  Why don't we just send email to
ourselves!?  I'm sure we'd never get an unwanted message, and think of the
reading enjoyment!  It could be a real cool way to carry on conversations
with ourselves without all of that bothersome staring!

	C'huk C'huk C'huk

	Just thought I'd try to lighten it up a bit...


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