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> Wow, I can't resist responding to this one!
> Ian John Waller wrote:
> Examples would be the return to the northeast of the holly blue
> (Celastrina argiolus). First time for six years, at several different
> tetrads. Just in time for the Millennium Atlas.
> or, someone who rang E.N. saying they had a dead speckled wood (Pararge
> aegeria) in their house in Durham City. They didn't take his number. Now
> he must have realised how important that finding was but he can not be
> traced. Although unconfirmed, if it was, it would only be the 4th
> speckled wood record for the northeast in 80+years.
> or, the finding of cinnabar (Tyria jacobaeae) larvae in Hamsterley
> Forest, the first for Co. Durham since 1956.
> Now granted, this response is coming from one who is guilty of posting all
> sorts of locally relevant or irrelevant stuff (and maybe that's annoying
> to many), but the examples that Ian has provided here are EXACTLY the sort
> of thing that I enjoy reading about.  It doesn't get any better than this.
> Please, whatever you do, don't hesitate to post this sort of information
> to LEPS-L (or s.b.e.l.).  Intimidation is an unfortunate bi-product of
> scientific discussion, but it just doesn't belong here and should be
> ignored.  There is no one out there listening that has anything more
> important to say than YOU.
> Mark Walker.

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