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Wed Nov 25 08:58:23 EST 1998

Andrew Torry wrote:

>Just a thought, I think UK readers should post more often here.

Completely agree - more postings from the UK please! However I concur with Ian Waller's point that about feeling uneasy to post local sightings to an international group, though I have on occasions done so, even garden sightings! - but perhaps this flurry of e-mail on the subject will encourage more to do so. Does it really create a big problem for some having unwanted mail? I just use the delete button if I know I am not going to be interested (which is rare) or if I just have not got the time (which is more common!). I may not post often to the group (due to lack of time) - but I'm always "listening" and I have found much of the information of interest and value and found the discussions stimulating. I appreciate being able to participate in a group that is not too parochial and learning about how species I am familiar with  - and not familiar with - are faring in other parts of the world and getting a more global perspective.

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