RFD for uk.rec.lepidoptera

Graham Leatherbarrow graham at maigold.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 25 11:23:51 EST 1998

Neil Jones banging on the table top wrote:-

>I have already made one posting on this subject tonight but after investigating
>I feel obliged to make another as I feel that this proposal will _wreck_
>a forum that I find extremely useful.
>I also feel that the proponent appears an inexperienced neophyte.

Here we go again!  Calling people names hardly advances your case does
it!?  If you operate a 'closed shop' say so?  Since when has
inexperience been a crime?  I assume then you never were?

>I most emphatically do not wish to personalise this debate but the proposer
>appears according to the archive to have only made around 6 or so postings to
>usenet all of which are to do with setting up this proposed newsgroup.
>Mainly asking people how to do it.

It was only four in your last post, make your mind up:)
>He has _never_ once that I can find ever made a posting to the established

So?  This argument could be used in reverse to support the creation of
the proposed UK group!?
>I do not believe that UK users believe that the worldwide newsgroup is 
>unsatisfactory because of a US bias.

Based on what?  How many people who might want to post just haven't
because of that reason?
> I am involved at a high level in both
>Butterfly Conservation and The Amateur Entomologists' Society and being an
>internet enthusiast am constantly talking about what is happening on-line.
>I have _NEVER_ heard this complaint being made by anyone.
>( I am also Butterfly Conservation's Webmaster)

You have now!  Your credentials are all very interesting but it tells us
more about your ego than anything else:)

>I am perturbed by this proposal because it will disrupt an on-line community
>which has developed over the years. 

I sympathise, it always hard relinquishing power:)
Graham Leatherbarrow.
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