Creation of newsgroup uk.rec.lepidoptera

Mark Walker MWalker at
Wed Nov 25 14:27:28 EST 1998

Chris R(aper?) wrote:

> You raise a good point - and one that I haven't seen answered yet. 
> Do current US users of LEPS-L and s.b.e.l want to see UK related
> information? Are you all tired of people jabbering on about Speckled
> Woods in their back garden? Or would you be sad to see the group
> spilt?
	Well, I thought that I had answered this - as it applies to me,
anyhow.  The reports that we receive from the UK (and everywhere else, for
that matter) are of particular interest to me.  I don't personally have a
problem with simultaneous discussion (I participated on a very active
MASSACHUSETTS LEPS discussion group when in Vermont, and while it did not
impact LEPS-L per se, I did find it necessary to encourage many of those
participants to forward their very interesting reports to LEPS-L), but the
implication here has been that many of the currently active participants
from the UK desire to take their conversation to a more local forum.  I, for
one, would be disappointed if this resulted in fewer posts from the UK.

	Mark Walker
	Mission Viejo, CA

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