2nd RFD for uk.rec.lepidoptera

Graham Leatherbarrow graham at maigold.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 25 17:37:23 EST 1998

Neil Jones wrote:-

>It was not my intention to sound as you describe. I am very aware that I often
>do not explain myself well.

Bit of an understatement!  You have been generous enough to make a
fulsome apology and I think that was only right and I too will now call
a truce, courtesy after all costs nothing.

> By posting on usenet I am well aware that I am
>opening myself up to be judged by anyone who wishes to look in the archives
>that exist. I include personal information about myself not to boast but
>so that others may judge me. If they form a conclusion opposite to that
>which I desire so be it. It is only by what we write about ourselves 
>on the various newsgroups that people can judge us. 
>We do not know each other. I know what you look like from the picture on your
>website but I doubt if you have seen me. All I know of you is that you live 
>near Manchester and that you are interested in gardening, classical and
>club music and that you think of yourself as a "gentle skinhead". 

I have to say here that you have truly impressed me with your research:)
I shudder to think what else you have dug up;-)  If your research for
butterflies is half as good as this, you must do a dam good job.
Incidentally, I went to your website and really like the 'Rogues
Gallery', what a brilliant idea. I won't tell you what I and some of my
friends would like to do to that Welsh farmer!
Graham Leatherbarrow.
Graham's Paradise Garden
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