2nd RFD for uk.rec.lepidoptera

Neil Jones Neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 25 15:43:53 EST 1998

In article <pyxcNNAwSDX2EwvE at maigold.co.uk>
           graham at maigold.demon.co.uk "Graham Leatherbarrow" writes:

> Neil Jones spewed forth this gen and wrote:-
> >My apologies to anyone who feels that it is off topic but I fear that
> >you have been seriously mislead about this proposed new newsgroup.
> >
> >Please read what I am writing carefully.
> >This is a long posting My main points are:-
> >
> >1. I have experience and knowledge that should be listened to.
> Really!  He is priceless this guy!!:)
> >4. The proposal is being made by a very inexperienced person who does
> >not understand its impact.
> SO!!!  Now this *does* miss the point.  Your tone is frankly offensive
> and does help your case one bit.  What are we talking about here, an
> exclusive club for participating members only!?  Perhaps in your FAQ
> (assuming you have one?) you should include the caveat that, only
> professional/amateur experts who know what they talking about need post
> to this group!?  Lay people just keep away.  Bloody typical of
> scientific communities.

In fact I am trying to PREVENT an exclusive group from forming by allowing
those who want to, to receive UK butterfly news by email via Leps-l  which is
gated to sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera 

It was not my intention to sound as you describe. I am very aware that I often
do not explain myself well. By posting on usenet I am well aware that I am
opening myself up to be judged by anyone who wishes to look in the archives
that exist. I include personal information about myself not to boast but
so that others may judge me. If they form a conclusion opposite to that
which I desire so be it. It is only by what we write about ourselves 
on the various newsgroups that people can judge us. 
We do not know each other. I know what you look like from the picture on your
website but I doubt if you have seen me. All I know of you is that you live 
near Manchester and that you are interested in gardening, classical and
club music and that you think of yourself as a "gentle skinhead".  
If you felt that my comments on the proposer of uk.rec.birdwatching were
offensive then I apologise. It was not intended and I openly state that
I wish that I had the ability to express myself with greater clarity.

He has effectively offered to do a job for us in the Usenet community.
That of guiding the creation of a new newsgroup. Surely it is a material
consideration that the person concerned is inexperienced.

> Before you run away with the idea that I am another ignorant bugger.  I
> am and have been a member of the British Butterfly Conservation Society
> for a number of years and have been using Usenet for a while also:)

I am aware that you have been on Usenet for a while. I know that you disagree
with me but I hope that we can do so amicably. You cannot hear a tone of 
voice with this posting so I must make it clear that none of this is 
meant with any sarcasm whatsoever.
I am sorry that you got so angry at what I said, but I accept that we are all
human and that we often have considerable stresses in our lives.

Graham, My sincere and honest best wishes for the future.


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