2nd RFD for uk.rec.lepidoptera

Graham Leatherbarrow graham at maigold.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 25 11:47:44 EST 1998

Neil Jones spewed forth this gen and wrote:-

>My apologies to anyone who feels that it is off topic but I fear that
>you have been seriously mislead about this proposed new newsgroup.
>Please read what I am writing carefully.
>This is a long posting My main points are:-
>1. I have experience and knowledge that should be listened to.

Really!  He is priceless this guy!!:)
>4. The proposal is being made by a very inexperienced person who does
>not understand its impact.

SO!!!  Now this *does* miss the point.  Your tone is frankly offensive
and does help your case one bit.  What are we talking about here, an
exclusive club for participating members only!?  Perhaps in your FAQ
(assuming you have one?) you should include the caveat that, only
professional/amateur experts who know what they talking about need post
to this group!?  Lay people just keep away.  Bloody typical of
scientific communities.

Before you run away with the idea that I am another ignorant bugger.  I
am and have been a member of the British Butterfly Conservation Society
for a number of years and have been using Usenet for a while also:)

> I do not wish to sound boastful,
>indeed this is the first time I have mentioned these facts about myself
>on-line. I am a trained network engineer and computer programmer and my
>first use of the internet dates back to before the World Wide Web was invented. 
>Although my usenet postings are always my own opinions
>and not those of any organisation, I sit on the board of trustees of what is 
>probably the largest society in the world that deals with the study of

He doesn't want to sound boastful, Jesus!
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