Creation of newsgroup uk.rec.lepidoptera

Peter Parry peter at
Wed Nov 25 18:53:15 EST 1998

On Wed, 25 Nov 98 23:22:55 GMT, Neil at (Neil Jones)

>Why should there be a problem with voting?
>Surely anyone with an email address can vote when the call for votes
>is made?
>If this is not the case please tell me. 

Someone from can probably answer better than I can on this
but the CFV is posted only to newsgroups (unless different
arrangements are agreed between the proponent and votetaker
beforehand).  Copying the CFV is prohibited and posting it to an
e-mail list (other than by the vote taker) would I suggest be seen as
vote fraud and at the least see those votes disallowed.

I would strongly suggest you discuss this with or the
appointed vote taker should a vote be contemplated.

>Thirdly, surely it is really up to lepidopterists who actually use the groups
>to determine the need for them. After all it is pointless to create a group
>that no-one wants. 

It is up to the proponent to demonstrate need, but he seems to be
attracting some support for his group.

>Since some UK users will only be on Leps-l, all uk.rec.lepidoptera postings
>will need to be transfered across to them, 

No - they won't NEED to be transferred, some people might LIKE them
to be transferred, but that will be up to the users of the group to
decide should it be formed.

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