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To avoid confusion to Leps-l users let me explain that I am copying
back an item of discussion from
It is of obvious relevance since it talks about the vote that people
are talking about. The earlier postings were made only to

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           Peter at "Peter Parry" writes:

> On Wed, 25 Nov 98 18:03:06 GMT, Neil at (Neil Jones)
> wrote:
> >I am well aware that this is the definitve group, but a lot of the
> >contributors on don't have access to any
> >of usenet. They access Sci.b.e.l via an email gateway. They cannot therefore
> >post to this newsgroup.
> They are going to face two problems then, firstly they are not going
> to see many of the contributions to the debate here and secondly they
> will have a bit of a problem if it comes to a vote.

Why should there be a problem with voting?
Surely anyone with an email address can vote when the call for votes
is made?
If this is not the case please tell me. 

> Simply importing their posting en-masse without the authors
> apparently having read others arguments does not add significantly to
> the merit of your case.

Firstly, I am not copying postings en-masse. There are currently NINE different
threads on this in my newsreader from
and these contain 46 different postings. I have not copied 46 items across.
I have only cross posted relplies to a very few.

Secondly, the points made excusively on seem largely
to revolve around which name is most suitable or whether the word
"Lepidoptera" is in the dictionary, in common use etc.

Thirdly, surely it is really up to lepidopterists who actually use the groups
to determine the need for them. After all it is pointless to create a group
that no-one wants. 

And finally you have made one of my points for me. This process out of
threads getting out of step is exactly what happens when you try to pass
information jointly to the inhabitants of Sci.b.e.l/leps-l and another newsgroup.

Since some UK users will only be on Leps-l, all uk.rec.lepidoptera postings
will need to be transfered across to them, and all leps-l postings on 
UK matters will need to be posted back. Of course if you want to reply 
and you are on the wrong part you can't. Just in the same way as leps-l
users can't reach .

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