2nd RFD for uk.rec.lepidoptera

Phil Howson p.howson at dial.pipex.com
Sun Nov 29 16:41:49 EST 1998

I still think the addition of Uk.Rec.Lepidoptera will be a force for good. 
The objections I have read about do not really make sense to me.

For example, it is difficult to credit the loss to anyone of postings being
made to the URL as opposed to SBEL.  Surely you just subscribe to the other
newsgoup too if it is a problem.  It is difficult to accept that  alot of
folk do not have a news reader when these days just about every PC you buy
has a browser, two or even three mailers, and a newsreader on it as
standard.  Besides, the newsreader is surely the preferred way of seeing
what topics are being discussed before downloading the body of selected
postings.  Does anyone plan to continue using this and have no interest in
the other 30000+ newsgroups?

More importantly, the reason I think it will be a good thing is that it
will encourage the interest of alot more people.  Whilst the pressure on
wildlife increases everywhere the densely populated UK badly needs popular
interest for its protection.  My two young nieces who spend alot of time on
the internet are young members of the RSPB (Royal Society for the
Protection of Birds) and the successful approach of the birding community
(who, of course, have the uk.rec.birdwatching newsgroup) is something I
think would work just as well for lepidoptera.  With 0.001 UKP per minute
dial up connections to the internet and free internet accounts I would hope
there would be more interested people.

Of course, any international issues can be cross posted and if I ever see a
nymphalis antiopa (known to my nieces as Camberwell Beauty) here in
Shropshire, UK  you can be sure we will post to SBEL.

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