2nd RFD for uk.rec.lepidoptera

Graham Durbin g at durb.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Nov 27 15:57:22 EST 1998

>From Graham Durbin      Proposer - uk.rec.lepidoptera newsgroup

In reply to Neil Jones' posting of 25/11/98, I would make the following

1  Yes, I am indeed inexperienced (as presumably eveyone was once), having
only connected to the internet about six weeks ago; but surely this doesn't
preclude me from, in effect, making a suggestion to those with more
experience - or does it?

2  Being inexperienced, I confess I do not fully understand the
significance of the fact that sci.b.e.l is connected to the LEPS-l mailing
list; I therefore cannot argue with the point that this makes it more
accessible.  However, is the statement "many lepidopterists cannot...use
usenet" likely to be less true in the future?

3  My lack of usenet postings is partly explained by the fact that I am a
newcomer.  However, the main reason why I have not made any postings to
sci.b.e.l since joining is the thought that, whilst uk subscribers might be
interested in the fact that, for instance, small coppers (L. phlaeas) were
still on the wing in mid-November in central Derbyshire, the significance
of this would be completely lost on the rest of the world; surely I'm not
alone in thinking this way?  Hence my thoughts that there might be a demand
for a uk-oriented newsgroup.

4  I have no desire whatsoever to undermine the importance of sci.b.e.l -
indeed, it would be against the interests of any lepidopterist to do so. 
My only thought was that the existence of a uk group might encourage MORE
interest, by providing uk lepidopterists with a forum for postings which
they felt were not of sufficient interest world-wide.  Items of wider
interest would, of course, be cross-posted to sci.b.e.l


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