Common Names please?

llecerf at llecerf at
Sun Oct 4 20:10:04 EDT 1998

> Could folks please please use common names just a little bit? Those of us who
> are not professional Entomomogists would appreciate it.

Dear Sir

About common names, don't forget that there are not only english speaking
people who are interested in entomology. As french, I could use common names
like "piéride du chou", "Boloria des prés", "Coliade verdatre", "Grand porte-
queue", "Saturnie du mélèze", "livrée du nord", "papillon à épaulettes"...
(from "Papillons et chenilles du Québec", JP Laplante, Editions France-

Would you prefer those common names ? And I am sure there are also japanese,
russian and other language common names...

Ok to use english common names, but always use at the same time latin names,
the international scientific language, even for amateur, like me.

Laurent Lecerf

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