Common Names please?

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Sat Oct 3 12:01:08 EDT 1998

In a previous article, danetherton at (Alex) says:

>Dear friends;
>I am as much a fan of dear Carolus Linnaeus (though I may have spelled his
>name wrong),


Not that I know.

>but being a Botanist by training, I am unable to identify many of these 
>species by the binomial (I picked up on Urtica dioica just fine, thanks. 
>Common Nettle for those interested). Could folks please please use
>common names just a little bit? Those of us who are not professional
>Entomomogists would appreciate it. And by the way, I have been seeing
>Phoebus sennae passing by in great numbers lately, going in the same
>direction as Danaus plexippus.

the senna sulfur and the monarch?

>Darn! You've got me doing it!

... and that because it makes for better more immediate understanding of 
what one dealing with.  Of course this understanding is limited to those 
who have taken the time to learn a little bit about the taxonomy of 
insects.  It should also be noted that it is one of those things that take 
time.  Alternatively, those of us who don't know the scientific names can 
consult the NABA list, but even then there are disputes as to what 
"common" name is best, especially when someone hasn't used it.
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