Common Names please?

Alex danetherton at
Sat Oct 3 01:05:56 EDT 1998

Dear friends;
I am as much a fan of dear Carolus Linnaeus (though I may have spelled his
name wrong), but being a Botanist by training, I am unable to identify many
of these species by the binomial. (I picked up on Urtica dioica just fine,
thanks. Common Nettle for those interested.) Could folks please please use
common names just a little bit? Those of us who are not professional
Entomomogists would appreciate it. And by the way, I have been seeing
Phoebus sennae passing by in great numbers lately, going in the same
direction as Danaus plexippus.
 Darn! You've got me doing it!

Alex Netherton
Asheville NC
danetherton at

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