Meeting of the Newark Entomological Society

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Fri Oct 2 23:18:20 EDT 1998

Meeting of the Newark Entomological Society

A meeting of the Newark Entomological Society will be held in the
Headlee Laboratories Building, Cook College, Rutgers University,
New Brunswick, New Jersey on Saturday, 24 October 1998, at
9:30 AM.  Headlee Laboratories is located at 180 Jones Avenue,
directly behind J.B. Smith Hall (176 Jones Avenue) home of the
Department of Entomology and Economic Zoology.  The meeting
is being held in the same building and room as in the past.

This year's program is a short symposium on the Catocala or
underwing moths.  Our speakers will be Dr. Lawrence F. Gall, 
Dr. Dale F. Schweitzer, and Dr. John W. Peacock.  The program
should be quite interesting and informative, since each speaker
is the authority on the subject area about which he will be speaking.

Please bring slides, insect specimens, or any other items of interest
that you would like to share with the group.  We are particularly
requesting that you bring all your underwing specimens so that Dr.
Gall can record the data from them for his extensive study.  As always,
the Department of Entomology and Economic Zoology's insect
collection will be open for those wishing to visit it.

The NES will provide coffee and donuts for the morning session.  Plan
to bring a sack lunch for the lunch break.

1998 membership dues ($3.00) are now payable, and can be paid
either through the mail or at the meeting.  Dues help to cover postage,
supplies, and business meeting expenses.

Finally, last years meeting was attended by 32 participants, the largest
turnout to date.  Please help us grow as an organization by inviting
individuals who also share our interests.  Feel free to copy and post
this announcement.  We hope to see you on the 24th!!!

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