Light Traps

Stanley juwaki at
Sun Oct 4 23:10:44 EDT 1998

Any address for this person so that I can contact him? I also want to try
light traps and don't have the experience nor expertise of doing this. I
have been a diurnal collector for the past few years (butterflies) and will
be starting my moth collection here in the Philippines, as it seems that
this particular insect is less studied here and resources are scarce,
compared with butterflies.

To add, hoping for pointers from other collectors on the how to's, do's and
don'ts of collecting moths.

Just delete me from my address.

John Grehan wrote in message
< at>...
>You might contact Peter McQuillan who I believe is in the School of Plant
>at the University of Tasmania..
>He has considerable light trapping experience.
>John Grehan
>At 02:04 AM 9/25/98 GMT, you wrote:
>>I was contemplating the possibility of setting up a light trap for local
>>nocturnal lepidoptera. I have never used one before, and was wondering if
>>anyone has some comments on what sort of light (mercury vapour, black UV
>>light, etc... to use, and on any successful setups.
>>Any comments appreciated.
>>Miguel de Salas
>>School of Pland Science
>>University of Tasmania, Australia

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