Common Names please?

David Albaugh bugguy at
Mon Oct 5 05:42:37 EDT 1998

I have to disagree with Doug concerning common names. I think there is a
big difference when you compare the names of flowers and lepidoptera.
Flowers have pretty much always been called by the scientific name so it
is natural that if someone mentions"aster" or "coreopsis" most of us
know what type of flower it is and probably don't realize it is also
part of the scientific nomenclature. There's a big difference from that
and say "Papilio glaucus" and "Eastern Tiger Swallowtail" and "Danaus
plexippus" and the "Monarch". There are absolutely no similarities in
the names. Is it really that difficult to post both common and
scientific names when posting about a specific species? I myself feel I
am well informed on scientific names but when someone posts, say about
skippers (something I have no interest in) I have no idea what the
scientific name means. If a common name was also mentioned then I would
at least know what the posting was about. You have to remember Doug, we
are not all at the professional level. This list is for everyone and as
a result everyone should be able to enjoy it by knowing what people are
talking about.

David Albaugh

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