Field Report - Outer Banks, NC

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Longtailed Skipper is Urbana proteus. And unfortunately I am the one who
started this thread. I was in Environmental Education for many years
teaching grade schoolers and Elderhostel. The very young and the very old
can get cranky when you use Latin names on them, so I learned a lot of Leps
by their "nicknames".
Alex Netherton
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Subject: Field Report - Outer Banks, NC

>I was on vacation to the Outer Banks of NC last week.  Weather was
>mostly 80-90's during the day.  Butterfly-wise, I saw MANY(thousands) P.
>sennae (Cloudless Sulphers).  I also caught several Long-Tail Skippers
>(no latin name...I'm a moth guy!), 1 P. palamedes and 2 P. cresphontes
>(Giant's).  I THINK I saw a few Eurema niceppe(Sleepy orange?)....but I
>did not catch any so I can't verify it.
>The intersting thing was the Pink-Spotted Hawkmoths (Agrius
>Cingulatus).  There were literally huyndreds of them.  The house was on
>the beach, so I set up one MV light oceanside and one MV light on the
>bayside.  On the bayside (which WAS windward), I caught NOTHING.  I mean
>absolutelty nothing.  Not even one insect at the light.  On the
>Oceanside, I had hundreds of small Noctuids (no ID on many yet....except
>there were MANY flower moths (Genus Schinnia)).  But, for me, the
>excitement was the Agrius.  Several dozen were at my light every night
>(when the wind wasn't blowing 100MPH! (well, maybe not THAT hard....but
>REALLY blowing))  All were in perfect condition and many appeared to
>have hatched that day from locations near the house as they still were
>squirting mecomium when disturbed.  As I had never seen one before, it
>was quite "cool".   Also, 1 Tersa sphinx (Xylophanes tersa) showed up.
>That's all
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