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Hi Mike,

Sounds like it's time for digital cameras!!



Mike Soukup wrote:

> I KNOW we've all had enuf of this thread.  But, another post just
> reminded me.  For anyone who feels morally superior because they take
> photos and don't collect, I need to point out that the process of
> manufacturing film is, as I understand it, one of the most highly
> polluting processes there is.  Although you may save the actual
> butterfly you are photographing, you are killing many, many more by
> supporting the film manufacturing industry.  Not that I think people
> shouldn't buy film.  I just find that most people who think they are
> "doing something nice" to make themselves feel good, are really just
> wreaking havoc somewhere out of thier scope and they travel on
> blissfully thinking they are "ecologically minded"!

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