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> I have *never* seen the "Painted Lady" identified as other than *Vanessa
> cardui*

Just for the record, in 'The Common Names of North American Butterflies'
by Jacqueline Miller, under _Vanessa virginiensis_, the following common
names are listed:

American Painted Lady
Painted Lady
Hunter's Butterfly
Virginia Lady
Scarce Painted Lady
Hunter's Painted Lady
Hunter's Cynthy
Marbled Cynthia

The reference for 'Painted Lady' is given as: Scudder, S.H., 1893. _Brief
Guide to the Commoner Butterflies of the Northern United States and Canada_.
Henry Holt, NY.

	At this point it might look as if the name 'Painted Lady' had
indeed been applied (by Scudder) to _V. virginiensis_ (although he called
it _V. huntera_). However, it always pays to go back and look. Opening
my copy of Scudder's 1893 book to page 85, I find the following:


(_Cynthia huntera_, _Pyrameis huntera_, _Pyrameis virginiensis_, _Pyrameis

Scudder also used 'Painted Beauty' for this species in Volume 1 of his
_Butterflies of the Eastern United States and Canada, 1889. The same common
name is used by Weed (_Butterflies_, 1917).

Miller has the name 'Painted Beauty' referenced to Scudder (1983) under
_V. cardui--but my copy of Scudder has 'Painted Lady' for that species.

With all due respect to Jacqueline Miller, it appears that perhaps Homer
may have nodded, and those common names got switched in her text. I am
inclined to agree with Pierre Plauzoles at this point...

	While on the topic of common names, I can't help mentioning the
peculiar fact that most people in Alaska and the Yukon appear to call
the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail (_Pterourus canadensis_) 'Monarch'. I have
gotten numerous reports of 'Monarchs' in Alaska--and I have now learned
to ask if they were yellow and black with tails on the HW. There is even
a road in Fairbanks named "Monarch Lane", and I talked to the person who
named it after all those yellow and black 'Monarchs' he saw mud-puddling
there in the early summer.

							Ken Philip
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